Native American Arts of War

I really enjoyed teaching this one. This was the first time I've taught these fighting methods outwith private lessons; & as far as I know it was the first such seminar in Europe, because as far as I know I'm the only instructor of these methods in Europe.

The course was pretty busy- with our friends from Kempo JuJutsu waaaaaay up north, John Macs guys from Livingston, & Marcus Houstons guys from Edinburgh joining my own Tactical Edge troops. We started off with unarmed combatives; looking at some of the animal based movements based on the Bear & the Eagle. We based some combat sequences on a technique called Beating the Arms- & then introduced some ripping & tearing techniques, & then throws. We worked through the 'Mountain Drop', 'Buffalo Drop', 'Dropping a Big Rock', 'Rear Neck Whip' & others. Everyone had a great time piling their training partners into the mats with glee!

We then moved onto the Knife. We looked at how the knife was used predominantly in the reverse grip, & how many of the techniques were identical to their unarmed counterparts. After an hour or so of knifework we swapped over to the Tomahawk & War Club. Everyone worked on defensive techniques, countering knife attacks similar to the type of techniques that would have been common amongst westerners of the time. We explored the use of 'Arrow Hand' & 'Passing Axe' defenses, & how various strikes could be made afterwards. We also looked at the way some very nasty takedowns could be performed with the weapon too.

All in all this was a really fun course to teach, & it was free of charge as my way to thank everyone who has supported my seminars this past year. Pics will follow as soon as Marcus (& his Polish Brigade) & John email me them, hint hint.

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