Mark Davies interviewed on the Fred MacAulay show on BBC Radio Scotland

Mark Davies was featured on Fred MacAulay's radio show on BBC Radio Scotland on Thursday 25th. Fred was featuring a segment on Self Defence training, & contacted Mark to come in & give some tips, & to train one of his people in some basic self defence in a short period of time to do live on air.

After a bit of a chat Mark was handed Vicky & given the task to get her ready to kick one of the production teams butts. Mark took Vicky through a basic set of movements & taught her how to defend against a throat grab, & she was FANTASTIC! Come showtime she demolished Scott live on air effortlessly; showing that done correctly it doesn't take years to learn effective self defence skills!

Mark would like to thank the MacAulay & co team for the fun morning, & Vicky for being an amazing student in such a short time, he hopes he'll recover from being beaten around the studio by her in practice before the years end.

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