Our Commerical Services website
Military & Law Enforcement defensive tactics, combatives & officer survival. Effective Control & Restraint training for local authorities. Specialist Knife Defence & Edged Weapons Survival training.

ComTech Europe - The elite in Self Protection in Europe!
The website of my friend & teacher Master at Arms James Keating, always entertaining.

Krav Maga Edinburgh
The website of Marks most senior Tactical Edge guy, Marcus Houston. Marcus teaches Krav in Edinburgh, but has now started a Tactical Edge class in Edinburgh also.

Shaun Eastman
This is the website of fellow ComTech instructor & Riddler Shaun Eastman. Shaun offers training in ComTech methods in central Washington State, & hosts regular seminars & training camps.

Dave & Gwynne Decker
This is the website of Dave & Gwynne Decker. If you're looking for custom knives, training or security services in the USA look no further. Dave is the designer of 'The Cobra' which was my knife of the year!

George Matheis aka 'Mercop'George Matheis aka 'Mercop'
The website for George Matheis aka 'Mercop'. George has a rapidly growing reputation & following as one of the USA's top self protection specialists & tactical trainers. As well as his training in Martial Arts George brings over a decade of experience in Military & Civilian Law Enforcement, & is currently assigned to uniformed criminal patrol & SWAT with a Law Enforcement Agency in Maryland USA.

On his website George has some excellent articles on all aspects of personal protection, as well as a store where you can buy his excellent Mercharness, Tactical Tether, Jaw Jackers, Counter Attack Theory DVD & much more.

usnUsual Suspect Network
The Usual Suspect Network is a diverse community of adults with a common interest in discussing tactical training & the good things in life.

John Gonzales
Website of John Gonzales, top class hand made artistic knives.

Rich Derespina
Beautiful custom made Karambits by Rich Derespina. Works of art.

DJ Urbanovski
Great designs from this American Knifemaker, step inside the head of DJ Urbanovski. Excellent tools used by many serving service personell in Iraq & Afghanistan. DJ gives a discount to servicemen.

Spencer is a member of the US Army & Airborne/Ranger qualified. His knives reflect this as they are top notch field & fighting knives, but with unique designs. If you are a serving member of the military Spencer is the guy to deal with!

Tad Gear
Our favourite supplier of Tactical goodies, with super fast international shipping. Great clothing, bags & gadgets.

Ted Frizzell
If you are looking for a hard use almost indestructable field knife look no further than Ted Frizzells creations. Top notch field tools for hunters, gamekeepers or soldiers

Viking Fighting
Sometimes us martial artists are just TOO serious & someone has to prod us with a stick a bit. Check this site out & prepare to wet yourself. Check out how many folks take it seriously too. Hail Thor!

David & Gwynne Decker's blog
This is a link to David & Gwynne Decker's blog site, which has details of their excellent new book on their thoughts on Bladecraft.

Peter James' websites
These are links to my mate Peter James' websites. Peter is based in Australia & is one of the most experienced martial arts instructors I've met. His knowledge of the Japanese sword is encyclopedic & he's a fellow student of Master at Arms James A Keating.

James Coogler
The website of custom knife maker James Coogler, maker of the Sabit. James makes wonderful works of art in Damascus Steel that you'd be proud to hand down to your children, they are that nice.

Alpha Innovations
Alpha Innovations produce some great polymer self defence tools. Their self defence stylus is one of my favorite tools, & they do some great kubotans & other toys for the tactically minded.