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Arbroath & Montrose
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Founder & Master Instructor

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Mark Davies originally started training in Martial Arts back in 1980, starting his training (as almost everyone did then) in Judo & Karate. In 1983 he was introduced to ITF TaeKwon-Do & started training under Master Gordon Wallace (then a 3rd Degree), a former World TaeKwon-Do Champion; this was well before TaeKwon-Do became commercialised, & training was brutally hard with the majority of students being adult males- Mark was the only person under 21 training there for many years!

Although his instructors were hugely enthusiastic about competition, Mark was never interested in that side of the martial arts, & having an interest in survivalism he was drawn towards the 'martial' side of the 'martial arts'. Mark could see that there were some 'holes' in the art he was studying, & started cross training & exploring other arts in an effort to bridge the gaps. After gaining his 1st Degree Blackbelt in 1987 Mark left TaeKwon-Do for around a decade to explore some of the worlds more arcane & lesser known fighting arts.

Mark is now one of the UK's most experienced & widely qualified Instructors. He is a personal student of his friend & teacher Master at Arms James A Keating, who is widely regarded as the worlds leading authority on practical edged weapons training. Mark is the only person in Europe certified as a ComTech Instructor by Master at Arms Keating, & is his European Affiliate Instructor. Mark holds a 5th Degree Blackbelt in ITF TaeKwon-Do, & also holds credentials in several other South East Asian, Korean, Japanese & even has experience of Native American fighting arts.

The thing that sets Mark apart from many of the other instructors out there is his combat experience. Mark has 'field tested' his methods in literally thousands of violent encounters where he has faced unarmed & armed attacks. Mark started working as a 'door supervisor' before he was actually old enough to get into a nightclub. He has worked in some of the most violent areas of the UK. He is an expert on the mindset & behaviour of societies criminal underbelly. For several years he worked in the capacity of a 'problem solver' for nightclub owners, & experienced the darker side of society & violence.

Mark has instructed Special Forces & Government Agencies from around the world, & is a Close Combat Instructor with an element of UK Special Forces- who have used Tactical Edge as their method of Close Combat for the past several years. He is certified in Close Protection & Specialised Security, & has advanced Tactical Firearms training.

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