Instructors Programmes

'Tactical Edge Concepts' courses are our new instructors certifications. They are aimed at Martial Arts Instructors who aren't looking to teach our Tactical Edge system, but who would like to expand what they can teach their students in their existing classes. Our Tactical Edge Concepts courses will cover specific areas of the Tactical Edge system that you can teach as part of your normal classes to expand your students abilities & knowledge.

The first course will be the 'Tactical Edge- Edged Weapons Concepts Instructor' certification. This course will equip Blackbelts & Instructors from ANY style with an effective & comprehensive syllabus to teach within their classes. Because Tactical Edge is a conceptual system, everything we do in the Edged Weapons course can be seamlessly adapted to work with almost any tool; Tactical Flashlight, pen, rolled up magazine etc- even empty hands. We'll cover skill building drills that are great fun, & that turbocharge a students co-ordination in empty hands skills; as well as actual application work.

Our Tactical Edge Concepts instructor certifications are open to Blackbelts & Instructors of ANY style, & are intensive weekend certifications. If you would like to become a certified Tactical Edge- Edged Weapons Concepts Instructor, contact Mark Davies now; as spaces will be very limited!

Tactical Edge Instructors Course

Become part of the Tactical Edge family & teach a unique system in your part of the world!

We aren't just going to sell instructors certificates, or allow you to teach our system by buying a few DVD's. If you want to become part of our family you're going to have to train with us & qualify honestly. If you're teaching someone defensive skills you are teaching that person something that they might have to use when their life is on the line. That is a great responsibility & if you can't teach them well there is a good chance that their training will fail them & that they or their loved ones will be injured or worse. Teaching personal protection is a serious commitment, & inexperienced & underqualified instructors are the bane of this industry. Why do you think so many people think that martial arts 'don't work'?

Our entry requirements are simple. You must be a minimum of 1st degree/dan blackbelt. If you are 1st Kup/Kyu level we WILL consider you so long as you have been training for a minimum of 3 years, & you commit to training with us for 3 months prior to starting the instructor programme. Preferably you will have either some military/law enforcement experience or have worked the doors so you understand what combat is like & have experience of it- this is preferable but not vital.

Our instructors programmes can be organised for professional martial arts instructors who want to be able to offer something totally different to the traditional martial arts or sports martial arts. If you have a full time centre or instructors who work for you we can come to you to perform the instructors programmes so long as you cover the expenses. We have special rates for Martial Arts Centre owners who want to get their staff certified. Blackbelts who are doing the instructors programme off their own backs will need to travel to us for the sessions.

Each module is based around a weekends work, however for those who simply cannot get away for an entire weekend with regularity we can split it down into single day sessions. Or for those who want to really get stuck in we can organise full week courses where you do several modules back to back (this must be done at our gym).

We make our instructors programme as affordable as possible, & it is very good value considering that you are getting tuition in a system that is far superior to many of the 'big names' on offer. Your investment is £150 per module. Once you have completed all the modules we will assess your ability, & if you are up to standard we will certify you as an 'Apprentice Instructor'. As an Apprentice Instructor you can teach the Tactical Edge system, but you are not authorised to perform gradings. You get full support from Mark Davies, & unlimited FREE REFRESHER TRAINING once certified. We will regularly supply you with professional poster & flyer designs, & take good care of you. You will also be given publicity on our website. Once you have been teaching Tactical Edge actively for 2 years we will assess you & your students, & if you are up to the required standard you will be certified as a Full Instructor. At this point you will be authorised to grade up to Advanced level grades. The instructors programme consists of two courses-

Unarmed Combatives Modules

This segment consists of five modules & will equip the participant to teach a field tested & effective method of close combat. The methods taught are not specific to any one 'style' & can easily be added into your own normal classes, or taught as a standalone system giving you a larger student base.

  • Module 1 - Core Techniques.
    Striking, Takedowns, Limb Destructions, Locking & Breaking Techniques.
  • Module 2 - Applications against common attacks
    Teaching the most common & likely unarmed attacks, & using the core fundamentals to counter them.
  • Module 3 - Applications against impact weapons
    Teaching the most likely impact weapon attacks, & using the core fundamentals to counter them plus some specialised methods for this form of weapon.
  • Module 4 - Applications against edged weapons & firearms
    Teaching the most likely forms of attack with the knife or shank, & using the core fundamentals to counter them plus specialised methods for this form of weapon. We will look at safe counter firearms methods that won't end up with a discharged weapon & a dead bystander!
  • Module 5 - Improvised defensive tools / Womens Self Defence courses
    Teaching the use of everyday items as defensive tools against various forms of attack. Teaching methods specifically for womens self defence courses, & implementing an effective womens self defence course.

Skill-at-arms modules
The purpose of this segment is to equip the instructor with a system that teaches the student effective combative skills using weapons. We don't teach the 'flashy stuff', as we are very unlikely to be mugged by Danny Inosanto! We base our edged weapons curriculum not on teaching an 'art', but on teaching the skills someone needs to survive a violent attack.

The course is modular-

  • Module 1- Front Grip Methods.
  • Module 2 - Reverse Grip Methods
  • Module 3 - Euro American historical methods, the Bowie
  • Module 4- Type Specific methods, improviseds & CQC
  • Module 5- Stick Arts & Impact Tools
  • Module 6- Flexible Tools & Basic Firearms Defences

As mentioned earlier, we have special deals for full time centre owners who want to teach Tactical Edge at their centre & in their area, & who want to get more than one member of staff certified. Anyone certified by us becomes the sole certified instructor in their area for as long as they are actively teaching Tactical Edge, so you don't have to worry about anyone setting up in competition next door to you.

If you are interested & you fit our criteria get in touch with us on 07740 982508 or 01241 876391, or email