Commercial Courses

Tactical Edge is the most effective method of Close Combat I have EVER experienced in over 20 years serving in Special Forces. Our unit members regularly attend specialist courses with other units & organisations, & always come back saying that what they were offered was totally inferior to what Mark Davies provides us with his Tactical Edge training.

Our members have total confidence in his methods & training, & have used their training in combat with 100% effectiveness. I have no hesitation to endorse Tactical Edge as being the best Combatives system available today

Sgt M, UK Special Forces

We have a number of different specialised modular courses available for Military, Law Enforcement & Security Services use.  As well as these courses we can create bespoke courses to suit your particular needs, or mission/role requirements.

We can provide training levels from basic level training right through to 'train the trainer' level training for unit instructors.

Our courses teach effective & intelligent methods that really work. The methods taught on the 'home office approved' control & restraint courses are totally unworkable in the real world, & have more to do with political correctness & avoiding potential litigation than with protecting the safety of staff. We recently did a critique of the latest incarnation of the control & restraint course offered to nursing staff, & there is not one single technique or method covered in the course which would work in the real world.

Bear in mind that current legislation implies that any training you provide staff must be fit for the task which it is intended for. If it is lacking & someone gets hurt due to poor quality training then your company could end up getting a great deal of bad publicity & sued in court.

As well as our standard courses we can create bespoke courses, & even bespoke defensive systems; all to a force ladder that suits your needs. We can perform courses for small groups at our training facility in Arbroath, Scotland; or we can travel to perform our courses at your location.

Our standard courses are:

  • Military Unarmed Close Quarter Battle.
  • Tactical Edged Weapons for military applications.
  • Close Quarter Countermeasures for Law Enforcement.
  • Unarmed combatives against Edged, Impact & Projectile weapons.
  • Effective Arrest & Restraint for Law Enforcement & Security.
  • Close Quarter Countermeasures for Aircrew.